Donald at the Bat – Day 322

Day 322

The riots, as predicted, started in the Middle East.

The Days of Rage in Palestine woke up the ugly beast.

Part impotence, part poverty, of course, part bigotry,

Have stirred again as they have done throughout all history.


How many have to die each time the beast awakes once more?

We know each time the beast awakes, the blood will start to pour

And will not stop until we’ve added countless, needless dead.

Engorged, there’ll be brief respite when the beast goes back to bed.


Officially, Israelis say Trump showed great leadership.

He kept his campaign promise.  (Should we tell them Trump might slip?)

The Arabs don’t agree.  The Saudi King said, “Big mistake.”

The cause of peace was not advanced.  They think Trump is a snake.


Jerusalem convinced Israelis Trump was on their side

But then some more news broke today, Trump did not try to hide.

For Hanukkah, the White House has a party every year.

But thirty Jews from Congress were not asked to share the cheer.


Surprise, surprise, they’re Democrats: no candles lit for them.

Has Donald had his feelings hurt?  Did they not vote with him?

Since Judas Maccabeus beat a king who would be God, (1)

Jews who will not worship Donald Trump should not seem all that odd.


Al Franken said he would resign but wants a day in court.

He noted Trump and Moore enjoy Republican support.

Have Democrats seized the high ground on sexual harassment?

Or are both parties soaked in sewage, stained with excrement?


Money, Money, Money

The looming problem now is, will the government shut down?

There’s been no budget passed.  That’s not unusual in this town.

The Democrats want DACA, and Republicans, The Wall.

Are they negotiating?  Who gets blamed most if they stall?


Back Down in Dixie

Republicans are very clear; they’ll take the pedophile.

A Democrat is so much worse, they all taste rising bile.

Trump’s reasoning was simple; just say, “No” to Democrats.

What’s wrong with groping, grabbing ass?  But liberals? Vermin!  Rats!


That also goes for Romney who may threaten Hatch’s seat.

For Romney’s very popular and Orin could be beat.

Old Orin Hatch is eighty three and may have slowed a bit

And Mitt is plenty vigorous and won’t eat Donald’s shit.


Has Bannon killed  the GOP?  Trump’s following his lead

To kill off the establishment and sow an evil seed.

Already they can’t govern; they just know how to obstruct

And write tax bills that help the rich (not middle class) deduct.


And, in blue states, tax punishment is main course, not just sauce,

For those who lose their homes to wildfires can’t deduct the loss.

And that is also true for earthquakes, though not winds and rains.

And, guess where we have quakes and fires or suffer hurricanes?


  1. The festival of Hanukkah celebrates the victory of the Jews over the Greek army of Antiochus IV, Epiphanes, who decreed that everyone should bow down to his statue in the Temple in Jerusalem.  The family of Judas Maccabeus led a successful revolt, pulled down the statue, and repurified the temple.  The story of the oil lasting eight days is not recorded in the original books of the Maccabees.