Donald at the Bat – Day 321

Day 321

A fascinating story has been published on Mike Pence. (1)

For, after Access Hollywood, he thought, at Trump’s expense,

Perhaps that he should stage a coup, displacing Donald Trump,

Lest this immoral man leave them in ashes on the dump.


But, after prayerful contemplation, Pence would compromise

And make his peace with blatant immorality and lies.

Be has become quite tolerant of moral turpitude

Of both himself and Donald Trump.  Ambition doth intrude.


Republicans gave up their souls.  It isn’t just Mike Pence.

For power is seductive, satisfactory defense

For growing moral laxity and sexual assault.

Attaining and maintaining power, lustfulness at fault.


Our right wing Christians have a problem.  It was slavery.

And now it’s liberals and the changes in society.

When Biblical quotations do not help them anymore,

Then angered “Christians” want to fight the Civil War once more.


Yerushalayim Shel Zahav (2)

Today Trump recognized the status of Jerusalem

As capital of Israel.  The world rushed to condemn

An action that most everyone thinks unwise on its face

Will Trump advance the cause of peace in this unsettled place?


No country in the Middle East but Israel agrees

With what Trump did today and everywhere there is unease.

Although Trump mentioned two states, this is all on one state’s side.

Now most think that prospects for a two-state solution died.


First Jebusites, then Israelites, then almost everyone,

For more than three millennia have won and lost and won

This shining city on a hill, “Jerusalem of Gold.”

But only twice made capital: Israel, new and old.


There was no State of Palestine when Muslims had control,

Destruction of the State of Israel, the Muslim goal.

But Palestinians, like Jews, have deep roots in the land,

Long residence alone makes Palestine their fatherland.


So Palestinians will not accept what Trump has done.

Their Muslim brothers, Israel, the world, that’s everyone—-

Don’t really care much for their plight. They’re just pawns in a game

Of Muslim internecine strife, Jew hatred, world-wide shame.


It’s hard to see how this helps further Middle Eastern peace.

Israeli-Palestinian ill-will will just increase.

If Trump did this to show that, when he speaks, the whole world shakes,

How many deaths from bombs and riots will Trump think that takes?


Since both the Jews and Muslims claim “the river to the sea. (3)

The long-proposed “two-state solution,” is quite hard to see.

For, both sides, deep down, hope the other side will go away.

But neither side will yield, no further progress made today.


The Russia Thing

Don Junior testified to a committee of the House.

About his talks with Dad, he was as quiet as a mouse.

Since he was not subpoenaed, Junior could choose not to tell

But clamming up told Mueller on what subjects he should dwell.


The most important question Mueller will ask Deutche Bank

Is, did they sell Trump debt to Putin so that he could yank

On Donald’s leash and make him dance to Russian melodies?

That might explain why Trump smells roses when Vlad cuts the cheese.


  1. God’s Plan for Mike Pence, McKay Coppins, The Atlantic, Jan-Feb, 2018
  2. “Jerusalem of Gold,” a popular Israeli song, written by Naomi Shemer.
  3. The Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.