Donald at the Bat – Day 320

Day 320

John Conyers will “retire” today to model underwear

Back in his home in Michigan and no one there will care.

Another groper bites the dust.  We still have Trump and Moore.

But Alabamians like gropers.  We’ll see Moore some more.


They’ll fire your ass in Hollywood, in TV, and the Met (1)

That is not so in politics, at least it’s not so, yet.

Resigning is left up to you.  The voters get a say.

Trump showed us that a bragging groper can win anyway.


The arts, the movies, music: libertines, all oversexed.

There’s nudity and porno.  Our society is hexed.

We’re looking for some leadership.  We need a force for good.

It should be Congress.  But, surprise!  It might be Hollywood.


Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has been busy.  It said Trump’s Muslim ban

Could be enforced until a final ruling hits the fan.

Whatever is decided, someone’s sure to be enraged.

Opinions of what’s right won’t change, nor anger be assuaged.


And there’s the wedding cake case for a couple who are gay.

First, a religious baker told them, “No, please go away.”

To have to bake a cake for them subjects him to abuse.

Is bigotry protected if religion’s your excuse?


The Russia Thing

Bob Mueller, on the money trail, subpoenaed Deutche Bank.

For records on Trump’s finances.  Do prison shackles clank?

The German bank, the last non-Russian bank that lent to him,

May tell us more of Trump and Russia.  For Trump, prospects dim.


It looks like Bob is building up a big obstruction case.

Is that why Trump’s attorney says that it’s clear on its face,

That justice cannot be obstructed by the President,

Since he’s the Chief Executive of the whole Government?


The arguments go back and forth but what this signifies

Is Trump’s attorneys now want to attempt to legalize

Whatever Trump may do or say—just like Dick Nixon said—(2)

The House did not buy Nixon’s claim.  Has Donald been mislead?


Sex and Politics

Republicans have shown their moral fiber once again.

They’re back in bed with Judge Roy Moore, where teen aged girls have been.

They read the polls which seem to show that Moore is back on top,

And, not with teen aged girls but voters.  Classical flip-flop.


And Trump has read the same polls and has raced to lead the band,

Endorsing Judge Roy Moore, ignoring charges that expand.

Are these just two peas in a pod?  Is sexual abuse

Just something that’s OK with Trump, who plays it fast and loose?


The Middle East Peace Process

A big part of the news today is rumors Trump will state

Jerusalem is capital of the Israeli state,

Infuriating Muslim countries in the Middle East.

Does that mean Jared’s search for peace effectively has ceased?


For Middle East stability has been a long-time quest

And everyone has failed so far.  The Ottomans did best.

But when their empire fell apart, the French and Brits stepped in

And, for a hundred years, they’ve not achieved a peace again.


Will violence break out?  Will Palestinians want blood?

Will other Arab countries rise up, just like Noah’s flood?

Will Muslims look to Russia?  They are not friends of the Jews.

Has Donald thought this out?  Well, if he has, that’s bigger news.


  1. The Metropolitan Opera just suspended its conductor, James Levine, for sexual impropriety with a teenager.
  2. “When the President does it, that means that it is not illegal.”  Richard Nixon to David Frost, 1977