Donald at the Bat – Day 319

Day 319

Bob Mueller pried a guilty plea from Michael Flynn, who lied

To agents of the FBI but Flynn will not be fried

If he cooperates and tells Bob everything he knows

About Trump and the Russians.  That’s how prosecution goes.


Enraged, Trump charges Hillary lied to the FBI.

If it’s a crime for Flynn, then Clinton cannot get a bye.

But Comey says she did not lie, so Trump’s attacking him

And FBI folks, past and current, are supporting Jim.


Now Billy Bush has written he believes the women, who

Charged Trump with kissing, feeling, groping, grabbing pussy, too.

Barack Obama’s birth certificate is legal proof.

So all of Trump’s distractions have gone up in smoke, gone “poof.”


Though there are some who might believe Trump—-Alabamians,

The same ones who support Roy Moore, right wing Republicans.

Four fifths of them do not believe the women who charged Moore

With hustling teen aged girls; in other words, they’re real hard core.


Way Out West

Trump gave a speech in Utah.  He will shrink some monuments,

Like Bear’s Ears and some others, that he calls impediments

To “public use” to mine coal, or to “frack” for natural gas.

Environmentalists object but Trump just lets that pass.


And there are lots of Indian ruins and sacred burial grounds.

But, so what?  If there’s coal and gas, why make these out of bounds?

One problem is Obama, who protected all this land,

A red cape waved in front of Trump, who can’t let these acts stand.


The citizens of Utah should treat lands as they see fit.

But Indians’ opinions?  Trump seems not to care one bit.

The Utes and Navajos and others have been pushed aside.

It’s now the Promised Land for Mormons, as Smith prophesied. (1)


Coal companies can rape Utah; Roy Moore grope teen aged girls.

As long as rich folks get tax breaks, as long as our world whirls,

As long as wind blows, grass grows, and as long as water flows,

As long as Trump’s in office, decency will decompose.


Trump’s idol, Andy Jackson promised to the Cherokee,

Some lands were theirs forever, but no whites got colicky

When “wind blows, grass grows, water flows” meant nothing in the end. (2)

Now, not a promise, but a threat.  How far will it extend?


Back in Washington

Obstructing justice, now an issue Trump brings to the fore.

Defenders first claimed that he didn’t; now they add, “What’s more,

“Trump as the Chief Executive, by law cannot obstruct.”

Most lawyers think that such advice will make Trump self destruct.


Trump can’t tell witnesses to lie, can’t say, “I’ll set you free.”

If you asked Nixon’s ghost, he’d say, “Don, that’s how they got me.”

If Mueller finds obstruction, then we move to a new phase

And Congress must decide if they will stoke or douse the blaze.



Trump got in bed with Roy Moore (or the back seat of a car,)

Then said, “I think that I will pass.  She’s not a ten-ranked star.”

But he’ll support Moore anyway for Jeff’s old Senate seat.

He needs his vote so that Trump family’s tax break is complete.


  1. Joseph Smith, 1805-1844, first prophet of the Latter Day Saints.  Brigham Young, 1801-1877, led the migration to Utah.
  2. Presidents James Monroe, 1817, and Andrew Jackson, 1829 and lots of American government officials in between and since.