Donald at the Bat – Day 318

Day 318

The President is back to tweeting, this time on his own.

As usual he says, “What about….” guess who?  We might have known.

Again attacking Hillary as Flynn begins to sing

Is quite unlikely to keep Trump’s ass out of Mueller’s sling.


The senior folks in Trump’s campaign are in gymnastics class.

Bob Mueller’s teaching how to flip and not land on your ass.

But Hillary’s not in the class.  Enrollment has been closed.

And, grading will be harsh; they’ll learn to flip or they’ll get hosed.


And way down South in Alabam,’ the Senate race goes on.

The polls are tight.  What do they mean?  Can moral folks be drawn

To cast votes for a Democrat or stick with Judge Roy Moore

And segregation, pedophilia, what Moore stands for?


The Civil War ain’t over yet.  White Alabamians

Are eager to show they’re not like elite Republicans.

They’re not the bankers, hedge fund guys; they’re good, White, Christian folk.

The North is still oppressing them, and that is not a joke.


So, do not count Judge Roy Moore out, though he is deeply flawed,

For he is not a Democrat, instead a man of God.

Those civil rights and voting rights: guys like Doug Jones did that.

So they’ll vote for the Devil way before a Democrat.


The Russian Thing

One Trump defense is: it is not illegal to collude.

They didn’t or they did.  Whatever, Mueller can’t intrude.

Impeachment is quite different, the Congress will define

“High crimes and misdemeanors,” not what lawyers may opine.


And Mueller looks beyond collusion.  There is lots of crime:

Financial deals and cover-ups, Trump’s usual paradigm.

But firing Bob exposes Trump to an obstruction charge

And that ensures the Senate and the House probes would enlarge.


Psychiatrists are warning us; Trump may decompensate.

We have a ringside seat to watch his mind deteriorate.

Affirming birtherism but not Access Hollywood,

And finding that can’t help him, will he lose his mind for good?