Donald at the Bat – Day 317

Day 317

Republicans, in dead of night, passed tax cuts for the rich,

A trillion dollar deficit created, that’s one glitch.

It won’t yield jobs and won’t yield raises, calculations show.

Rolls Royce and yacht sales may go up, as rich folks spend their dough.


Smart tax attorneys find ways to make taxes lower still

And find ways to hide excess cash that overflows the till.

For ‘trickle down” that threatens to stain Gucci shoes and floor,

They’ve fancy pads and panty liners fashioned by Dior.


But, mark my words, these guys aren’t through; there’s Medicare to cut

And all the social programs, to punch poor folks in the gut.

The military’s holy.  Planes and ships and bombs that burst

Are needed to guard Mideast oil.  They get the money first.


A tax cut, for Republicans is like the Word of God,

All Ten Commandments, dogma, due all reverence and laud.

To criticize: anathema!  For every ill, the cure.

Ayn Rand or Christ?  They’ll take Ayn Rand.  Who cares about the poor?


But, will Republicans need Trump, with tax cuts passed and signed?

Does having to defend his tweeting keep them in a bind?

Is Trump’s pro-Putin stance opposed to all that they stand for?

Are they afraid his narcissism might just start a war?


Back to Collusion

Trump’s comment on Mike Flynn today, repeated this one meme:

The “no collusion, no collusion….no collusion,” theme.

It actually looks like there was.  If not, why has Trump tried

His damndest to stop Mueller’s probe?  What does he need to hide?


If there was no collusion, it sure looks like both sides tried.

Trump’s folks contacted nineteen Russians, about which they all lied.

(Jeff Sessions just could not “recall” with whom he met or spoke.)

The rest all flat denied it, their collective “word,” a joke.


Today Trump tweeted he fired Flynn because Mike Flynn had lied

To Mike Pence and the FBI.  He could not let that slide.

Did Trump mean that he knew back then both what Flynn did and said?

Did Trump and his whole team do pillow talk in Putin’s bed?


A caution in interpreting what Donald says and tweets:

He’s not known for precision, not a standard that he meets.

Who knows what Donald meant to tweet?  Was it just a brain fart?

His spinners will all say he’s kidding, part of Donald’s art.


The White House explanation is: Trump did not write the tweet.

His lawyer, John Dowd wrote it, so take Trump off the hot seat.

To charge that Trump’s responsible for what his campaign did

Implies that he was running things.  Such nonsense!  God forbid!