Donald at the Bat – Day 316

Day 316

The dam just sprung another leak with Mike Flynn’s guilty plea,

For he lied to the FBI, a crime like perjury.

He lied about his contacts with the Russian, Kislyak.

And, that’s not all that Mike Flynn did.  We know he’s coming back.


The leverage that Bob Mueller has is over sentencing

And that depends upon the songs and tunes that Flynn will sing.

We know that Mueller likes a Shostakovich melody,

Perhaps with Turkish coffee.  Better yet, a Russian tea.


Bob gave Mike Flynn an enema.  Will others defecate?

As Flynn cooperates, how many will he implicate?

The term, “senior officials” on the Trump transition team

Implies impending havoc in the President’s regime.


We know Trump can’t be happy.  He asked Comey, “Let Flynn go.”

But Comey didn’t. Trump fired Jim.  We know, Trump told us so.

He told the Press.  He told the Russians he invited in

To visit in his office.  Everyone wore a huge grin.


It looks like people higher up are likely going down.

The Flynn plea was an earthquake sending shock waves through the town.

And even the stock market fell; the shock went far and wide.

As people see what happens when Bob Mueller thinks you lied.


Has Jared Kushner reached the deepest depths of doo doo yet?

For he’s a “senior member” of the team.  He ought to fret.

The others: Sessions, Trump, and Bannon, Priebus, and Mike Pence

All shiver at what Flynn might testify at their expense.


So, whom might Donald pardon as he tries to save his ass?

Is that obstructing justice?  Has the team reached an impasse

Where everyone will save himself and rats will leave the ship?

And, if the rats start jumping, will the captain lose his grip?


More chilling is the prospect Kim Jong Un saves Donald’s rear.

A wartime President gets more support, which makes some fear

That Trump might start a war, though his advisers counsel peace.

Would we allow or could we stop such cynical caprice?