Donald at the Bat – Day 315

Day 315

Observers have begun to ask: is Trump delusional?

Do Trump’s beliefs show he is crazy or confusional?

Obama birtherism, Access Hollywood a fake?

The “Russia thing” will end this year?  Is this all a mistake?


Is Trump decompensating?  Divorced from reality?

Is it now time to frankly question Donald’s sanity?

Believing what is clearly false may happen now and then

But Donald does it all the time.  That’s unlike normal men.


Napoleon had Waterloo and Nixon Watergate.

Some thought that it drove Nixon nuts but Dick went crazy late.

But Trump has been there quite a while, though he’s worse day by day.

Though he says, “Merry Christmas,” he does not seem bright and gay.


Republicans act like they think that they can muddle through,

Give  tax breaks to the rich and loosen a gun law or two,

And seat some more conservatives on the judicial bench.

As long as Trump can stay in office, those should be a cinch.

Now there are sexual harassment complaints they must address.

So far, it’s only liberal Democrats who will confess.

But if Republicans deny, as Moore and Trump have done,

Then ethics groups that they can stack, might let off everyone.


John Conyers, D, from Michigan, the dean of all the House

Is credibly accused to be a predatory louse.

The calls for resignation come from both the Rs and Ds,

Just one more big man caught up in the web of sexual sleaze.


Reports suggest Rex Tillerson is back on Trump’s hot seat.

And this time Trump may flip the switch or simply hit “delete.”

That “moron” comment has to rankle Donald’s psychic id.

Though this one was a slow boil, we knew Trump would blow his lid.


Bob Mueller’s team is moving closer to the President

By interviewing Jared Kushner.  Did he put a dent

In Mike Flynn’s armor so that Flynn might now cooperate

And tell Bob what he knows of the Trump-Russia conjugate?


Jeff Sessions testified to House Judiciary, and

He still cannot recall his meetings, what the campaign planned,

Or conversations with the President, what Donald said,

Jeff can’t recall, or can he?  Either Jeff or Donald’s dead.


The tax cut bill will cost a billion more than they first thought

Republicans are scrambling to rewrite it.  They’ve been caught

With their pants down while they were stripping for their donor class.

The donor class wants money; they don’t want to see more ass.


Across the Pond

In Parliament, in Britain, there was widespread rage today

At Trump retweeting anti-Muslim film clips yesterday.

It was proposed they cancel a state visit that was planned

Since some think Trump unworthy to set foot on British land.


Sweet Home Alabama

Bisexuals, transgenders, and the lesbians and gays

Have formed a huge conspiracy against Roy Moore today.

So Roy Moore told us in his first campaign speech in a while.

And don’t forget the socialists: conspirators so vile.