Donald at the Bat – Day 314

Day 314

Back in the sixties we had sex and drugs and rock and roll.

Today we still have sex and drugs and Trump will bring back coal.

The opioids are killing us; some men are crude and crass

And Trump bragged how he likes to grab the other side of ass.


Another icon fell.  For NBC just fired Matt Lauer

For sexual impropriety.  Does Trump see storm clouds lower?

For he’s the only one who bragged of impropriety.

Of course, he then denied it, which fits Donald to a T.


Society must learn that we now live in a new age.

The women are fed up and unafraid to show their rage.

Will they and all the undervalued people everywhere

Rise up and throw away the burdens they were forced to bear?


It’s not just women but the colored and the handicapped

That asymmetric power relationships left feeling trapped.

For they have been molested, disrespected, pushed around.

Is this old social fabric starting to become unwound?


Well, maybe yes and maybe no, for Trump is President.

Roy Moore could win in Alabama.  That means some assent

To their behavior and their bigotry, denied or not.

Some want reform and some don’t care.  That makes the mess we’ve got.


It’s pretty clear the problem’s power, fueled by testosterone.

And Congressmen are soaked in power, a fact that’s widely known.

Might this mean they will be the last enacting real reform?

For using (and abusing) power is basically their norm.


Trump’s in Missouri, holding forth about his tax cut bill.

He tells us that his wealthy friends think it’s a bitter pill.

It won’t be good for him or them, by now a proven lie.

But his Missouri crowd all cheered and one must wonder why.


The rich will benefit the most; the bill is pretty clear.

The poorest of the middle class will be kicked in the rear.

Trump says big companies will give a raise to everyone.

Their CEOs, when asked, say, “No.  It’s nonsense Trump has spun.”


Perhaps the most outrageous thing is three of Trump’s retweets

Of anti Muslim excrement his sort of mind excretes.

The English and Dutch videos from white supremacists

Appeal to Trump’s thought processes.  His bigotry persists.


The British and the Dutch PMs both said that Trump was wrong.

And that’s a first: that other heads of state came on that strong.

The “facts” shown in one video are known to be a lie.

But Trump retweeted anyway, now standard for this guy.