Donald at the Bat – Day 313

Day 313

Republicans are stumbling; their donor tax cut bill
Has far too many weaknesses to make it up the Hill.
The Democrats will not help push; it guts Obamacare
And moderates have noted, for home owners, it’s not fair.

The deficit explodes: one point five trillion (with a “T.”)
But that is over ten years, then we’ll fix it; you will see.
The deficit won’t matter with Republicans in charge.
But, should the Democrats get in, then it will be too large.

We’ll cut all social programs; socialism will be dead.
God clearly meant for white male Protestants  to be ahead.
As Mick Mulvaney noted, we cannot help anyone
If it harms Capitalism.  That’s it.  Our God is One.  (1)

The Children’s Health Insurance Program, CHIP, will be cut out.
Health care for over thirty million children is in doubt.
What’s wrong with government providing health care for a child?
Did God say government should not care for the meek and mild?

The strongest argument Republicans have made so far:
“We must pass something; we just can’t get close, but no cigar.
“If our rich donors shut their spigots, we’ll all dehydrate,
Dry up and blow away, and Democrats will run the State.

The tax bill passed out of committee, headed for the floor.
Then Trump addressed the Press and taunted Democrats once more.
He charged the usual things; they’re weak on immigration, crime.
If this bill fails, it is their fault (but it will pass this time.)

Then Kim Jong Un yelled, “Notice me!”  He’s jumping up and down.
He launched another missile.  Lots of underpants turned brown.
This missile went so high it showed Kim could hit our mainland.
What will the Donald do, now that we put him in command?

Next week we need a spending bill, or government shuts down.
So Roy Moore, tax cuts, Kim jong Un, a budget, and a clown.
Are chickens coming home to roost?  We need a leader now.
Will Donald turn the Ship of State into a garbage scow?

A judge just ruled that Trump could name Mulvaney as the head
Of the CFPB, so he can cut it ‘til it’s dead.
Eventually, the Senate must confirm Trump’s nominee.
It will be moot if Mick already killed the agency.

The tax cut for the rich is pending, so we all can sing:

Poor Folks Have Too Much Money (Rudolph, the Red-nosed Reindeer)
Republicans give us some strange explanations
For budget deficits gripping all nations.
But do you recall the strangest one of them all?

Poor folks have too much money
And the rich don’t have enough.
Though you think that sounds funny,
That’s the reason times are tough.

Don’t tax the rich; look elsewhere
And I think that you’ll admit
It’s giveaways like welfare
That produced the deficit.

If you feed a horse some hay
Then right before your eyes,
As he canters on his way
He’ll drop something for the flies.

So give the rich tax rebates.
For they say that “trickle down”
Puts something on poor folks’ plates,
Even though it may be brown.

– Stephen Baird, 2004

(1) A desecration of Deuteronomy 6:4