Donald at the Bat – Day 312

Day 312

The CFPB was established  to control the banks, (1)
To make sure that they did not practice predatory pranks,
To screw their clients, charging interest rates way out of line.
And they enforced their findings with a quite substantial fine.

So, naturally, the Donald wants to wreck the agency.
He put in Mick Mulvaney so that Mick could oversee
Dismantling of the regulations that were put in force
And let the banks screw whom they please: besides the sheep, a horse?

Since this was Lizzie Warren’s baby, Donald must say, “No.”
Though Warren’s not Obama, she’s Progressive, voters know.
Trump calls her “Pocahontas,” to demean her native genes,
Propriety is called for but Trump’s ego intervenes.

Today he went much further with the “Pocahontas” thing,
While speaking at a ceremony that was honoring
The Navajo “Code Speakers,” Trump said his nickname for her,
Which everybody in the room heard as a racial slur.

Now Trump’s attacking authenticity of that old tape
In which the “pussy grabbing” line left all our mouths agape.
Though he admitted it before and then apologized,
He hopes that now our memories of that will be excised.

He’s joining hands with Putin as they both attack the Press.
Vlad calls them “foreign agents” and Trump added to the mess,
By tweeting that reporters overseas for CNN,
Are just the kind of people that Vlad Putin wants done in.

Our First Amendment guarantees the freedom of the Press,
Almost a sacred guarantee but Donald, nonetheless,
Asserts that they’re all liars and that truthful news is “fake.”
And threatens them with jail when they print truths that he can’t take.

Well, Mike Flynn’s lawyers met today with Robert Mueller’s team.
With this and other news reports it really makes it seem
That Flynn is looking for a deal reducing punishment.
Will Flynn save his own skin by bringing down Trump’s government?

Now with the CBO report, we see that Trump’s tax bill
Will screw the poor with dry corncobs and give the rich a thrill.
Republicans all say they absolutely need a “win,”
To show that they can “govern.”  Rich supporters merely grin.

(1) Consumer Financial Protection Bureau