Donald at the Bat – Day 329

Day 329

When grabbing a bull’s tail, the situation that you face

Was dealt with by WaPo today, when they devoted space

To analyze the Donald’s mental insecurity

And how it governs what he does, his moral poverty.


The Tweeter gets in lots of fights each time his ego’s bruised.

If people do not think he’s great, the Donald feels abused.

Since polishing his ego consumes all his energy,

It seems Trump wants to be the god of his theology.


Antiochus the Fourth, a Greek king, thought he was a god.

But Judah Maccabeus stood before the king unawed.

Then Judah and his Jewish army overthrew the king.

That’s known today as Hanukkah.  Will Trump get the same thing?


The FCC deregulated net neutrality.

Until today we all had internet equality

For companies both big and small, their access was the same.

Now richer ones can pay for speed, and that may change the game.


And Trump has said he wants to cut more regulations out,

(Especially those Obama made, which Trump can do without.)

Trump thinks that fewer regulations will make business grow.

I guess that’s good but what if we can’t keep pollution low?


Roy Moore has said that God’s in charge so Roy will not concede.

He lost by twenty thousand votes.  Assuming God can read,

Then He has read of Roy’s exploits and knows His subject well.

Could God think, rather than the Senate, Moore should go to Hell?


Sex in Congress

Blake Farenthold, another good ol’ boy in Congress now,

Won’t run for re-election because he’s a swine, and how!

We had to pay some eighty grand for Blake’s harassment suit,

Barnyard behavior, Texas style, that Blake could not refute.


How many more in Congress have to go before it’s clean?

How many men in power think it’s OK to demean

Their female colleagues and employees as playthings to grab?

Well, sadly, there are many; they’re an ugly, bleeding scab.


Anniversary of Shame

Five years ago today a sick man shot up Sandy Hook.

When he killed twenty kids, what was the action Congress took?

First, President Obama spoke with hope that this might wring

Some action from the Congress, which did not do one damn thing.


Trump’s “Juice”

Could there be fallout from Moore’s loss?  Two of Trump’s nominees

For judgeships (quite unqualified) were dumped in the deep freeze

By Senate leadership who said they wouldn’t be confirmed.

Does this mean Trump has lost his juice, which Moore’s loss reaffirmed?


A story that continues: Trump’s refusal to accept

Intelligence on Russian interference Trump wants swept

Away about the last election that the Donald won.

For he’s diminished by the knowledge of what Putin’s done.