Donald at the Bat – Day 310

Day 310

Ivanka has condemned him but her Daddy backs Roy Moore,

A twice-removed Chief Justice of his court, but wait, there’s more.

He’s been accused of sexual molestation of a kid.

If you know Alabama, then you know they know he did.


But Moore is not a Democrat, instead a man of God.

So what if he likes teeny boppers?  Down South, that’s not odd.

And Trump defends his choice by noting that Moore has denied,

And, since he is a man of God, there’s no chance Moore has lied.


Religious bigot?  So is Trump, at least the bigot part.

The Bible tells Moore what to do; with Trump it is his “heart.”

The law, the courts, the Congress, not much use to either man.

A kindred spirit with Roy Moore, that’s why Trump is a fan.


Go interview men on the street and many still today

Say they’re for Moore, though they believe what all the women say.

It’s tribalism at its “finest,” (really at its worst.)

No matter what one says or does, our tribe must come in first.


But this is football season, so the voters may not care,

A sport that’s second only to the Lord when you live there.

It’s Alabama-Auburn day: known as the Iron Bowl.

A day when whites will cheer for blacks each time they cross the goal.


But, let’s be wary of Roy Moore, for if God speaks to him,

God outranks Mitch McConnell, Ryan, Trump, all three of them.

Since Kellyanne told everyone that Trump needs Roy Moore’s vote,

If Trump wants one thing, God another, Moore may sink Trump’s boat.


If you read history, you will find that, when God speaks to man,

His Words may be ambiguous, for different people can

Come up with very different versions of Words they have heard.

And some believers even kill those who misheard His Word.


Narcissism Redux

Trump’s ego flashed again; this time it’s a Time photo op.

Trump’s possibly Man of the Year.  He told Time’s folks to stop.

It must be Trump, nobody else.  If Donald Trump is not,

Then there will be no photoshoot.  Time will not get a shot.


So what must Time do now if Donald was to be the one?

Should they name Donald anyway?   What cover will they run?

Could they run a cartoon of Trump?  We know that these abound.

Or should they pick somebody else?  (Trump’s ego will rebound.)