Donald at the Bat – Day 309

Day 309

As Mueller puts the heat on Flynn, might Mike cooperate?

The legal teams of Trump and Flynn ceased to communicate.

Is this a hint that Mike might now negotiate with Bob,

Trade prison time for information that costs Trump his job?


Flynn’s ties with Turkey aren’t Thanksgiving, aren’t just smoking hash,

But undisclosed, and maybe bribes.  Soon he’ll be turkey hash.

Bob slaughtered, plucked, then roasted, carved; the grinder is up next.

Will this all help convince Mike Flynn that Bob is sorely vexed?


When Mike Flynn was Trump’s NSA, we know he heard a lot.

And we have pictures, so we know he can’t say he did not.

Vlad Putin had Mike Flynn to dinner. ( What’s Jill Stein there for?)

Is that why Sally Yates told Trump to show Mike Flynn the door?


Don Junior took to Instagram to flaunt bravado, thus:

“Keep coming at me,” aimed at Mueller, wisdom dubious.

Don’t grab a tiger by the tail, advice for everyone.

Who’d jab at Mueller’s hemorrhoids?  The nitwit, Trump’s first son.


But Jared Kushner did not try to tweak the tiger’s tail.

He might be planning his own deal to get out of the hail

Of Bob’s requests and all subpoenas rained on Jared’s head.

He’s likely to cooperate if prison lies ahead.


But Trump is still obsessed with kneeling in the NFL.

He raves on Twitter, wants the kneelers fired and sent to hell.

I guess his base is buying it, at least his bigot base.

Trump seems to look at kneeling just like spitting in his face.


He also went on radio to speak to all our troops

And tell them they are winning now.  (The generals say, “Oops.”)

Afghanistan is still a stalemate, ISIS on the run,

And turning more to terrorism.  They are far from done.