Donald at the Bat – Day 308

Day 308

Trump spent his “very busy schedule” at his golf resort.

Just what he did for five hours there was not in his report.

Today marks the one hundredth day spent at his properties

And almost eighty, whacking little white balls off their tees.


Trump used to chide Obama for his time spent on the links.

Trump said he would stay home and work; Barack’s work ethic stinks.

Obama also played some hoops but there Trump can’t compete.

He’s white and fat and he can’t jump (with bone spurs on his feet.)


The time Trump spends just playing golf could be used to erase

More of Obama’s legacy, the “stain” of that brown face.

Obama did a lot of things good for society.

Trump’s program is: increase the value of his property.

  1. “Bad beat,” a poker term describing one very strong hand losing to an even stronger one.

The Spirit of Brotherhood

In January, 2010, there was a huge earthquake

That devastated Haiti, so we said that we would take

Some 60,000 refugees to live with us a while.

Now Trump says they must all go back to their impoverished isle.


The problem is: their homes are gone; their jobs have disappeared.

The infrastructure not repaired; debris is still not cleared.

Is this the time to kick them out?  Where’s our humanity?

Does “Love your neighbor,” mean just whites in our community? (1)


Za Zdarovye!

It seems like Flynn and Kushner ate a lot of stroganoff

And lots of other foreign foods, their covers coming off.

Back channels, back doors, bribes, and all the meetings they forgot:

It looks like both of them may soon be stewing in the pot.


And what did Trump tell Kislyak about intelligence

When he invited both Sergeys to have a conference

While in the Oval Office, in May, with just Russians there?

We’ve learned he gave up secrets when he spoke without due care.


We’d learned from Israel that ISIS wants to weaponize

A laptop to become a bomb.  Did Donald realize

That when he told the Russians, then he might have compromised

A spy from Israel in ISIS, stupid, ill-advised?


Will agencies from other countries fear to share with us,

Since Trump, at any time, might throw their agents ‘neath the bus?

This certainly will give them pause: Trump careless or a fool?

He’s so nice to Vlad Putin. One asks, is he Putin’s tool?

  1. See Leviticus 19:18 and Mark 12:31.