Donald at the Bat, Trump’s Report Card

Day 542, Trump’s Report Card

Trump’s flying to Helsinki where he’ll get his midterm grade.

Vlad Putin will review with him mistakes Trump may have made.

G-7, EU, NATO: all are weakened; Trump is tough,

And all without much planning.  Vlad lets Trump act off-the-cuff.


Preparing for his grade report, Trump went to his golf course.

To study up is not his style.  So far there’s no remorse.

Things are quite chaotic, Donald ought to get a pass.

But Putin’s a tough grader and not all survive his class.


Has Trump met expectations?  Progress has been good so far.

The Congress has disgraced itself but they’re not hard to mar.

But Trump can’t get more than a “B.”  The sanctions weren’t removed.

Though we think that, on all the rest, Vlad generally approved.


The new indictments are a pain.  Will Trump acknowledge them?

Will Putin still deny his role if Trump shows them to him?

Oh, what a silly question; we know Donald won’t do that.

We’ll likely never know what these two say in their chitchat.


What are our expectations?  Will Trump give away the store?

Will Donald even try to stop the Russian cyber war?

The Middle East, Crimea, Ukraine, Russia stealing land,

Is Donald Trump concerned with Vlad’s ambition to expand?


If Donald makes a stupid deal, we should not panic yet.

For Trump does not keep an agreement or pay off a debt.

But Trump calls the EU a foe, while kissing Putin’s ass.

No good can come from having his nose deep in that crevasse.