To France! On Bastille Day 2018

To France!  On Bastille Day

(This may be sung to La Marseillaise. It is not an exact translation.)


Here’s to France, the land of perfume and wine,

Where the dining is divine.

The French adore their chocolate-coated red ants,

Sexy lingerie, bikini pants,

Made of chocolate to eat, like they eat ants.


Their museums are to die for,

The Louvre, Musee’ d’Orsay, and many more.

Memorials make your spirits soar,

Though the French don’t always win the war.


Hosanna!  Praise the day

That we drove the King away!

March on!  March on!

(Sometimes advance.)

A toast: let’s drink to France.


Stephen M. Baird

c. July 14, 2018