Donald at the Bat -Day 540, Off to the UK, Ooops

Day 540, Off To the UK, Oops


The outlook wasn’t all that great when Trump flew out of town.

And still not that great in England when Air Force One touched down.

For, protest marchers filled the streets in London yesterday.

They hoped to make the Donald feel he should have stayed away.


Before Trump flew from NATO, he announced they all agreed.

But NATO members told the Press they need pay Trump no heed.

No new agreements had been made on how much each would spend,

In spite of Donald’s threats that our relationship might end.


In crisis mode, the Pentagon called allies on the phone,

Assuring them that we would never leave them all alone.

We would not let the Russian Bear come forage on their lands.

For, after 9-11, NATO’s troops lent helping hands.


The Donald’s teatime with the Queen was pretty short and sweet.

And not a big state dinner like Obama got to eat.

Perhaps Her Majesty was tired and pissed that Trump was late

And could not bear to listen to the Donald bloviate.


And, FLASH!  Bob Mueller just indicted twelve more Russkie spies,

Who hacked emails with timed release to help Trump win the prize.

So what will Donald say when he meets Putin face to face?

He’s only got a day to get his strategy in place.


July the 27th, 2016, Trump broadcast,

Requesting Clinton emails from the Russians.  Lightning fast,

As on command, a Russian hacking project was begun.

Was that just a coincidence?  Collusion, anyone?


Though no American colluders were indicted yet,

To read between the lines shows us that it’s a solid bet,

That co-conspirators from Trump’s campaign are next to fall.

If Trump asks Putin for asylum, will Vlad build a wall?