Donald at the Bat – Day 539, Donald Trump Heads for England

Day 539, Donald Trump Heads for England

This may be sung to “God Save the Queen.”  (My Country, ‘Tis of Thee)


Trump’s NATO trip is done;

He got on Air Force One,

To thankful sighs.

The “stable genius” left.

No one there is bereft.

From everyone, both right and left,

A thankful sigh.


Leaving all NATO pissed,

Next on Trump’s travel list?

Is England’s Queen.

How will Her Majesty

Deal with Trump’s trumpery?

Let’s all pray for her sanity.

God save the Queen.

With pomp and circumstance,

(Less than last year in France)

Trump sees the Queen.

Exchanging pleasantries

And small talk niceties,

Will Trump observe proprieties?

God save the Queen.


When Donald came for tea

It was not punctually.

Trump caused a scene.

For Donald Trump came late.

Queen Lizzie had to wait.

Trump stood the Queen up for their date;

God save the Queen.

Is Trump a horse’s ass?

Does Donald have no class,

Unlike the Queen?

When Trump gets blustery,

Will she get fidgety?

Let’s pray she keeps her dignity.

God save the Queen.