Donald at the Bat – Day 538, Blowing Up NATO

Day 538, Blowing Up NATO

Just follow the money, is often said,

To best understand what’s in someone’s head.

The Nations of NATO don’t pay enough;

That’s what Trump tells them when he’s talking tough.


The nations of NATO fear Putin’s Bear.

Crimea and Ukraine gave them a scare.

Might Putin push west?  (The Bear has before.)

We’ve formed this alliance to prevent war.


“You pay too little and we pay too much.

“So you owe us money, French, Germans and Dutch.”

Does Trump sell protection, taking this stance?

Might he just pull out, let Putin advance?


With Trump, it’s all money.  Deals others made

Haven’t been honored: security, trade.

In real estate, Donald was well-known to cheat.

It’s no surprise NATO now feels the heat.


The fly in the ointment: what’s Putin got

That makes the Donald act like he’s been bought?

He supports Putin’s line, like he was paid.

Big loans or “Pee Tape?”  Some deal has been made.


Will Donald Trump blow up every last deal

With every ally, so Donald can feel

He’s most important, not just Putin’s bitch?

Will he drive our country into a ditch?


Will Germany, France, and England, today

Decide to let Donald go his own way?

He’s proven erratic, ignorant, crass.

Perhaps they need Stormy to spank his ass.