Donald at the Bat – Day 537, The New Supreme Court

Day 537, The New Supreme Court


The Federalist Society

Gave Donald Trump a list.

There isn’t much variety;

Their bias can’t be missed.

And from this list Brett Kavanaugh

Was picked by Trump last night.

There is no doubt he knows the law

And gives the Left a fright.


For Brett is a Conservative

And Roman Catholic man.

So, will he be preservative

Of an abortion ban?

Trump promised he would nominate

To cancel Roe v. Wade.

Since Roman Catholics dominate,

Most women’s nerves are frayed.


The issue: reproductive choice,

Abortion part of it.

(Approach with a constructive voice

And do not throw a fit.)

Is every holy embryo

Worth more than its mom’s life?

Should every shot of Cupid’s bow

Produce another life?


“The times, they are a’changin’” sang

The poet in a song.

Conservative alarm bells rang.

To such minds, change is wrong.

Should contraception be a sin?

That’s what Church dogma taught.

Remember, that’s a rule from men,

Defining women’s lot.

Should embryos with a disease

We don’t know how to treat,

Be forced to term just to appease

Old men and their conceit?

The Bible’s books were all composed

Some centuries ago,

A lot of rules and laws proposed,

Without facts we now know.


Now we know more and can do more,

Stop misery God could not.

What did God give us our brains for?

Should learning come to naught?

The gods did not anticipate

Our modern medicine.

Should old men get to arrogate

That birth control’s a sin?