Donald at the Bat – Day 543, Helsinki Stinky

Day 543, Helsinki Stinky

Trump met alone with Putin for two hours,

Just these two and translators there to hear

The leaders of the world’s most dangerous powers

And no official transcript will appear.


So now we all must watch what they both do.

We can’t trust what they say; we all know that.

When they met, did lies pass between the two?

The realm of lies, their natural habitat.


When they both met the Press, Trump was at ease,

His victory ‘gainst Hillary reviewed,

Although “Fake News” has painted Trump with sleaze,

There is no way that these two could collude.


With Trump and Putin standing side by side,

We all saw with whom Donald is allied.


Trump did not credit our intelligence

That clearly shows that Putin interfered

With our election and the evidence

That Putin helped him win, what we all feared.


When Trump took Putin’s side for all to see,

Reaction from our parties, left and right,

Expressed dismay that Donald Trump could be

Subservient to Vlad in such bright light.


What actions will Republicans now take?

It’s easy to say evidence is clear.

Since our democracy is what’s at stake,

Will Congress act to show they are sincere?


Now Donald Trump has taken Putin’s side,

What will the Congress do?  They must decide.