Donald at the Bat – Day 605, The Social Democrats

Day 605, The Social Democrats

Is “socialism” bad for you?

Some call it a disease.

The Socialists: what would they do?

What are priorities?


They like good health, so they all want

Health care for everyone.

Untreated illness should not haunt

The lives of anyone.


The Socialists hate poverty.

They hope to find a cure.

They want Social Security

For elderly and poor.


They think that we should understand

How all the species formed

And we must have a good command

Of why our planet warmed.


We must teach science in our schools

Along with history,

Humanities.  Too many fools

Will wreck society.


How do we pay for all this stuff:

Security, good health?

The answer, stripped down to the buff,

Is tax excessive wealth. (1)


The rich influence who can vote.

The rich buy TV time.

They write words politicians quote,

Which ought to be a crime.


Through methods even stealthier,

They’re hiding whom they bought,

So they grow ever wealthier,

Assured they won’t be caught.


So, public finance of campaigns—

Most Socialists approve.

Yes, money talks and that explains

Why problems don’t improve.


Besides, the Social Democrats

Are not pure Socialists.

Their enemy is plutocrats.

They are not Bolsheviks.


So, Socialists will fight for you.

The rich fight for themselves.

If you need help, they say, “Boo hoo,”

“We are not Santa’s elves.”


  1. Thomas Piketty, Capital in the Twenty-first Century. 2013