Donald at the Bat – Day 606, The Brett Kavanaugh Blues

Day 606, The Brett Kavanaugh Blues

The fan has flailed a fecal chunk;

A lady has turned up

To say Brett Kavanaugh, when drunk,

Grabbed her and tried to shtup.  (1)


He held her down and crudely groped;

She managed to break free.

She’s telling us because she hoped

That everyone would see


It’s injudicious for a man

At any stage of life,

To try to rape—because he can—

A stranger, girlfriend, wife.


It happened many years ago

When both were in their teens.

She tells us now so all should know

And ponder what this means.


She’s passed a lie detector test

Though Brett flatly denies,

Since he’d be through if he confessed;

To lie is no surprise.


The White House says the president

Says he will stick with Brett.

The Clarence Thomas precedent

Makes this a minor threat.


Deny, deny and then subject

The lady to a smear.

Republicans must not defect.

There’s nothing much to fear.


Besides, if Brett gets on the court,

Then Roe v Wade goes down.

Republicans: defend the fort!

It’s time for a showdown.


  1. Shtup: Vulgar Yiddish slang.  An English equivalent would be “screw.”