Donald at the Bat – Day 607

Day 607

Now Trump has exercised his power to declassify

Internal documents exchanged within the FBI.

Like Comey’s, whom he fired, and Bruce Ohr’s, who still works there.

It’s part of Trump’s authority.  Should anybody care?


Well, all the people that he named he thinks are enemies.

They’re all part of the Russian probe, which Donald hopes to freeze.

Is he obstructing justice?  Looking at the mess he’s in,

Trump isn’t seeking justice.  What he’s seeking is to win.


The Donald shows he’s desperate to hold Mueller at bay

And show the “Russian thing” had started with Steele’s “Dossier.”

Though that has been disproven by the facts already known,

When Trump attacks the FBI, he throws his base a bone.


The danger is: exposing methods.  Putin may discern

How we discovered what he did, informants he could burn.

That makes it easier for Putin to do it again.

Could that be what the Donald wants—help Putin help him win?