Donald at the Bat – Day 608, The Kavanaugh Imbroglio

Day 608, The Kavanaugh Imbroglio

The Kavanaugh imbroglio proceeds.

Republicans are pushing Doctor Ford

To testify next week.  If she accedes,

Will Kavanaugh then fall upon his sword?


In ‘91, it was Anita Hill

Who said that Clarence Thomas harassed her.

The senators then put her on the grill

And doused her with the bitterness of myrrh.


So Doctor Ford says, “Ask the FBI.

“They should investigate, then I’ll appear.”

But Donald Trump is sticking with his guy.

As usual, his response is cavalier.


Trump says the FBI won’t get involved,

For this is not the sort of thing they do.

(But he wants Kavanaugh to be absolved

And does not want to know what’s really true.)


So, will Republicans still ram and jam

And try to push this nomination through?

And are they saying they don’t give a damn

Whom partisan right-wingers try to screw?


But, oops, it seems the fire just got more fuel,

For some of Ford’s old classmates volunteered

This incident was talked about in school,

The information that right-wingers feared.


There are lots of right wingers in the sea,

A lot who’d vote against Roe versus Wade.

Just ask the Federalist Society;

They might suggest someone who’ll make the grade.