Donald at the Bat – Day 609, Information Be Damned; Full Speed Ahead

Day 609, Information Be Damned; Full Speed Ahead

Now Doctor Ford must tell Chuck Grassley either “no,” or “yes,”

She’ll testify on Monday in the confirmation mess?

Republicans don’t want the truth; they won’t investigate.

“He said; she said,” suffices to vote for their candidate.


Trump says it’s not the job description of the FBI

To redo background checks, which is just wrong, if not a lie.

For all Trump has to do is ask and they will interview

Ford’s former classmates on this incident.  That’s what they do.


Republicans want to assure that they get SCOTUS stacked

With right wing judges.  Doctor Ford’s already been attacked.

Though death threats aren’t too Christian, everyone has seen enough

To know religious right wing zealots can play pretty rough.


Republicans don’t worry if their motives are laid bare.

If they can get the SCOTUS stacked, then they don’t really care.

McConnell lost no sleep when we all watched him steal a seat.

He’s proud to let us know that he is not afraid to cheat.