Donald at the Bat – Day 610

Day 610

Some right wing Christians push the Senate hard.

They even play the “I may not vote….” card.

“…Unless you guys confirm Brett Kavanaugh,

“And even though his image has been marred.”


The right wing is in love with Kavanaugh

Because he shares their own views of the law.

Attempted rape while drunk and just a teen

Is just a “hiccup,” not punch on the jaw.  (1)


Now, thinking back to when you were a teen,

I’m sure that we’ve all heard or even seen

A young man push to change a “No” to “Yes.”

And, failing, sometimes getting pretty mean.


A woman who is willing will say, “Yes.”

If she is willing, you don’t have to guess.

So, “Yes,” means, “Yes” but, hear this, “No” means “No.”

And, if you’re drunk, it complicates the mess.


So, will the Senate tell the Christians, “No?

“First let’s investigate and then we’ll know.

“If Kavanaugh deserves a SCOTUS  seat.”

Or, minds made up, are hearings just for show?


If we give Kavanaugh a lifetime seat,

A court with right wing views will be complete.

So will we say “Goodbye,” to Roe v Wade?

Our right wing Christians will turn up the heat.


For right wing Christians all hate Roe v Wade.

So they supported Trump, the game they played.

But should this medieval, Catholic view

Determine how a woman’s rights are weighed?


  1. Tweet by Senator Dean Heller, R, Nevada, Sept. 20, 2018