Donald at the Bat – Day 611

Day 611

Rod Rosenstein reportedly asked, “Should I go in wired

speaking with the President?”  And now he might get fired.

Oh, woe is Rosenstein, who soon may wind up unemployed

And next to go Bob Mueller?  he cannot be overjoyed.


Though many think that Trump is nuts and just incompetent,

They need more evidence, not just opinions that ferment.

The 25th Amendment is one blueprint to remove

A crazy President although the Congress must approve.


And Rosenstein discussed this too, but note—he did not act.

So Rosenstein’s defenders tell us he should not be sacked.

But if the Donald’s guts start grinding, smoke pours from his ears,

Then Trump might fire Rod anyway, the sum of all our fears.  (1)


So Donald Trump can get no rest; they smite him, hip and thigh.

With Cohen singing, Brett in trouble, will Trump yell, “Bonzai!”

Swing his katana, (2) make heads roll, which might be seppuku (3)

Though that’s obstructing justice, it is something Trump would do.


So, Cohen, Mueller, Rosenstein, and Kavanaugh’s headache

And Manafort is singing too, which might be an earthquake,

Are Donald’s knees now shaking, is he on an eating binge?

And when will he tweet something else that makes the public cringe?


Oh, woe is Donald!  Now his past is catching up to him.

Bankruptcies bailed out by  the Russians? Is he squeezed by them?

Has everything he’s done been crooked or against the law?

Is Trump a tragedy whose whole life is his fatal flaw?


  1. With apologies to Tom Clancy.
  2. Katana, a Japanese sword.
  3. Seppuku, Japanese ritual suicide.