Donald at the Bat – Day 612

Day 612

Somebody ought to paddle Orrin Hatch.

He thinks just like an old misogynist.

This case is not a minor itch to scratch.

He wanders, “all mixed up,” in primal mist.


And someone needs to paddle Grassley too.

His attitude today is just bizarre.

Uninterested in finding what is true,

He’s just another right-wing dinosaur.


Should someone paddle Trump?  Wait…Stormy did!

A braggart, sexual predator, what’s more,

He uses women just to soothe his id,

A narcissist, who should be shown the door.

And, don’t forget the Catholic Church is where

Both Kavanaugh and Thomas went to school.

Did these two judges learn their morals there?

No wonder women don’t want them to rule.


Remember Thomas and Anita Hill?

Republicans ignored Miss Hill’s account.

And, most still wish that women would keep still.

For what men want and need is paramount.


The right wing should have better men than these,

Not fossils, predators, or narcissists.

Misogyny, a lingering disease,

That must be drained, just like infected cysts.