Donald at the Bat – Day 614, Trump at the UN

Day 614, Trump at the UN


When Donald addressed the UN today,

The very first thing that he chose to say

Was what a great country he engineered.

Then did he expect that they’d shout, “Hooray!?”


To Donald’s surprise then, nobody cheered

And Donald found out he was not revered.

Instead of “Hosannas!”  they laughed at him,

The sort of disdain that Trump always feared.


He cracked a small smile, then features grew dim.

The rest of his speech, Trump lambasted them.

The world must acknowledge we are the best.

Trump takes revenge if you don’t respect him.


He spoke with a frown and puffed up his chest

To emphasize he did not speak in jest.

On matters of trade we must dominate.

There was no applause; the room was depressed.


Now Donald says it’s Iran we must hate,

A fire-breathing dragon we will castrate,

A sponsor of terror spreading world wide,

We’ll give no quarter ‘til they lie prostrate.


Meanwhile, North Korea has been pacified;

The South needn’t worry; they won’t be fried.

Trump soon meets with Kim, a regular guy—

No mention of nukes that Kim tries to hide.


The world knows that trump will frequently lie;

Truth from the Donald is in short supply.

Applause was polite as Trump left the room.

Everyone asking, “Are we facing doom?”