Donald at the Bat – Day 615, UN redux

Day 615, UN redux


The Security Council met today

With our President acting as chair.

Animosity clearly on display,

Calling Chinese trade practice unfair.


The Iranians must be brought to heel,

Must be caged like the mad dogs they are.

Barack’s incompetent nuclear deal

Left too many doors standing ajar.


These arguments Trump made often before,

When he speaks entertaining his base.

Today a new charge: our jaws hit the floor.

China wants Trump to lose this year’s race.

Of course, the President did not admit

That the Russians hacked in on his side.

But when China pulls the opposite shit,

Such treachery he cannot abide.


So, Trump is punishing China on trade

(And, of course, we are winning this war.)

Trump’s tariffs correct deals others had made.

He will make China’s ass red and sore.


Donald returned to the UN this week,

Narcissistic and boastful, both days.

How much of the world thinks Trump’s magnifique?

And how many were left in a haze?


Sexual Predators

The Donald, Roy Moore, O’Reilly, and Ailes

And now Kavanaugh’s sex predator tales,

Denials and payoffs, credible claims,

All made by women who aren’t playing games.


Does Trump think sexual predation is wrong?

To him, is it worse than puffing a bong?

That’s not the feeling of those in MeToo.

Women are more than just objects to screw.


Trump brags that he does and then denies it,

Then pays big money.  Is his word legit?

Can we trust his judgement?  Can Trump be fair?

If men prey on women, does Donald care?


Do women have problems we must surmount?

Or are they just objects for men to mount?