Donald at the Bat – Day 604

Day 604

Donald Trump is plagued by flippers

And he has affairs with strippers.

Reputation now in tatters,

He’s among the lousy tippers.


Now the Donald’s acting crazy.

And his memory is hazy.

Or is Donald just dishonest,

Uninformed, and frankly, lazy?


Donald can’t learn from heuristics,

Does not understand statistics.

He thinks his gut can be trusted,

Speaks with twelve year old linguistics.

When you think with your intestine,

Think, what you have been ingestin’

Always winds up stinky feces.

Will such “thoughts” stand up to testin’?


Donald’s telling us what he sees;

(It’s an insult to our species.)

Some of us are ripe for fooling.

He feeds his base bovine feces.


When you’re fed on such nutrition,

End products of deglutition,

And believe such stinking thinking,

You are heading to perdition.