Donald at the Bat – Day 603, Campaign Song for Beto O’Rourke; Manafort Cooperation

Day 603, Campaign Song for Beto O’Rourke (tune: The Yellow Rose of Texas)

There’s a senate race in Texas, to re-elect Ted Cruz.

Though Texas is a red state, Ted knows that he might lose.

His challenger is Beto, a native, Texan son.

Though Ted was born in Canada, the law still lets him run.


Ted Cruz is a Republican, Beto a Democrat.

And, in a state like Texas, Ted Cruz should beat him flat.

They disagree on everything: health care to Mexicans.

Conservatives know brown-skinned folks don’t like Republicans.


Willie Nelson is for Beto; Republicans go nuts.

If you sing country music, you have to like their putz.

But Willie is a lefty; we know he’s always been.

And Willie’s not just blowing smoke; O’Rourke just might get in.


It is a close election; the polls show a dead heat.

Such poll results, the reason Ted knows he might get beat.

So Ted reached out to Donald; no joke, it’s on the news.

It’s doubtful Trump can help him much since no one likes Ted Cruz.



Paul Manafort has copped a plea.

He will cooperate.

Did Mueller clap his hands with glee?

Did Donald defecate?


If Manafort now tells it all,

Will Donald feel the heat?

How soon will Donald turn on Paul

With one more vicious tweet?


When Manafort agreed to talk,

The Donald might be toast.

Bob Mueller may swoop like a hawk

And prove Trump’s new glasnost.


First Trump will start denying that

He knew Paul very well.

Then he will start implying that

Bob Mueller’s show and tell


Has forced Paul Manafort to lie,

Since he is very weak.

Paul used to be a stand-up guy

But crumbled in a week.


So, one more domino just fell,

Though Trump “did nothing wrong.”

Will Donald find himself in hell,

Once Paul has sung his song?