Donald at the Bat – Day 664, The Snit Continues

Day 664, The Snit Continues


Though Trump sulks in his current snit,

Will he emerge and throw a fit?

Will heads start rolling everywhere?

What misbehavior will he dare?

With each new tweet and each new dawn,

Which staffers will be moving on?

Is Kelly’s head now on the block?

Will Zinke soon stand in the dock?

And what about the caravan?

Has Donald simply dropped his plan

To keep those brown folks in their place

And use them to enrage his base?

Will Donald bring the soldiers back

Since they have no one to attack?

Trump’s new AG, Matt Whitaker,

Is looking rather insecure.


The Democrats, with sharpened knives,

Give Donald a bad case of hives.

They’re filing lawsuits in the courts,

While Donald paws the dirt and snorts.

If courts say Whitaker can’t stay,

The Democrats will shout, “Ole!”

Will Trump keep fighting with the press,

Resentful at what they express?

For Donald thinks, “They should praise me,”

And not so much, “The press is free.”

And lastly, those damn Democrats:

Trump thought they should be his doormats.

But then they won the vote last week,

Which left the Donald looking weak.


How long will Donald sulk and sit?

What new outrage will he commit?