Donald at the Bat – Day 663 and the Vote

Day 663


On Veteran’s Day we all commemorate

All those who served, especially those who died.

But, in a move that’s sure to cause debate,

This year, the Donald chose to stay inside.

Each year the nation sees the president

Pay honor to those lain in Arlington.

But this year, in a break with precedent,

Trump did not leave his house in Washington.

It’s shocking not to honor our war dead,

A sacred duty Trump chose to ignore.

What could have made him stay at home instead,

Indifferent to all those who died in war?


This absence Trump’s White House did not explain.

If he were ill, perhaps we’d understand.

In Europe Trump stayed in because of rain.

At home, mere inconvenience will not stand.


Day 663, The Vote


Another thing put Donald off his feed.

Left wingers in close races won’t concede.

Trump claims that there must be election fraud

If all the votes get counted, (rather odd.)


However, in democracies we note

We have elections so that we can vote.

And that determines who our leaders are.

So, not to count all votes is just bizarre.


But Donald Trump thinks only of himself,

So he’ leave Democrats’ votes on the shelf.

Will Trump get to decide whose vote will count,

Because it might affect his bank account?