Donald at the Bat – Day 662, After Action Report

Day 662, After Action Report


Can Trump create a new world where we don’t cooperate?

A world in which we struggle to see who can dominate?

A world where everybody only thinks of himself first?

Like Donald thinks of himself, getting pre-and reimbursed.


Trump did not stay in Paris for the conference on peace.

Was he just tired or was there no one left that he could fleece?

Both Trump and Putin left there early; Merkel hung around.

La France and Deutchland: first in peace (a strange historic sound.)


Though Trump was sort of ostracized, his dreams may not have died,

For Hungary and Italy may still stand by his side.

They made a sharp turn to the right their last election day.

(Those tired of dark-skinned immigrants vote to keep them away.)

And there’s still Putin, Erdogan, and Donald’s “good friend,” Xi.

But MBS might have to go, though Trump would disagree.

For, after all, he only killed a journalist, big deal—

That’s how they pull your press pass there.  For Trump, that has appeal.


Back home among the Democrats, the Donald’s nemesis,

The autocrat and democrats and mutual emesis.

There’s Whitaker and immigrants and folks of darker hues,

Emoluments and health care: which of these will Nancy choose?


The problem for the Donald is: who gets the headlines now?

Who dominates news cycles?  Donald’s damned if he’ll allow

Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff, and Maxine Waters (low IQ,)

With proctoscopes in hand, tell him, “Look what we have for you!”