Donald at the Bat – Day 665, ‘Word Salad Tweets & Inferno di Dante

Day 665, Word Salad Tweets & 


The Donald is in total panic mode.

Bob Mueller has caused Donald to explode.

Disintegrating in this morning’s tweets,

Psychiatrists have struck the Mother Lode.


Irrational and free of evidence,

We’re used to that by now when Donald vents.

We’ve yet to see a fact when Donald tweets;

Instead, day after day, we get nonsense.


Was Donald warned what Mueller will report?

Does Donald fear that he’ll wind up in court?

Might that explain the madness of his tweets?

Trump’s finding that the law is not a sport.


As wheels of justice slowly, surely grind,

Will Donald Trump completely lose his mind?


Day 665 (2) Inferno di Dante


Is hell like this?  Now Californians know.

The fires of hell are sweeping through their state.

Trump says because they let their rivers flow

Into the sea, they’re causing their own fate.


Or maybe it was their mismanagement

Of forest lands that caused such hellish fire.

Two thirds of trees owned by Trump’s government

Suggest he might have built this funeral pyre.


I’m sure that it is Donald’s firm belief

That Californians were chastised by God

For causing Trump’s depression and his grief

By taking back the House with voter fraud.


The California fires, a holocaust.

Does Donald understand the cause and cost?