Donald at the Bat – Day 666, A Devil Appears & Emoluments, A Seasonal Song

Day 666, A Devil Appears


The DOJ, apparently, is after WikiLeaks

And Julian Assange; we know through inadvertent leaks.

He’s holed up in an embassy in London, several years

But now he might be extradited; that’s how it appears.


It looks like WikiLeaks and Russia have worked hand-in-glove

To help the Donald win his race while Putin smiled above.

The embassy of Ecuador, where Julian now stays,

May now decide to give him up, to add to Trump’s malaise.


Assange knows details, like to whom he talked in Trump’s campaign.

Besides himself, might he tell Mueller whom else to arraign?

Can Julian describe to Mueller what role Putin played?

And did he talk to Roger Stone?  Who else should be afraid?


Though Donald won in 2016, he lost big this year.

In spite of Whitaker, it looks like Trump has more to fear.

The devil’s in the details and as Mueller piles them higher,

The Donald may see glowing coals become impeachment fire.


Tomorrow Donald visits California’s burned out land.

Will devastation there remind him of the flames he fanned?


Emoluments: A Seasonal Song (Tune: O Tannenbaum)


Emoluments, emoluments,

Are swelling Donald’s income.

Emoluments, emoluments:

We’ll wait to see the outcome.

The Constitution says, “No, no!”

But profit makes the Donald glow.

Emoluments, emoluments:

Trump’s made a pile and then some.


Emoluments, emoluments:

To Trump they are a windfall.

Emoluments, emoluments,

Are pouring in like rainfall.

The smell of money stimulates.

For Donald, that’s what dominates.

Emoluments, emoluments,

May lead to Donald’s downfall.


Emoluments, emoluments:

Is Trump in violation?

Emoluments, emoluments:

We’ve seen the tabulation,

That Trump is taking profits in.

To Donald, that is not a sin.

Emoluments, emoluments:

May cause Trump’s immolation.


Emoluments, emoluments,

May cause the Donald trouble.

Emoluments, emoluments:

His troubles may soon double.

Though they’ll inflate his bank account,

He’ll soon see all his troubles mount.

Emoluments, emoluments,

May burst the Donald’s bubble.