Donald at the Bat – Day 667, What is true?

Day 667, What is true?


Intelligence analysis showed Russia interfered

In 2016 but, as all true patriots have feared,

Trump has Ignored the evidence, took Putin’s word instead,

One of the early warnings that objective truth was dead.


Today we read the CIA concluded MBS

Has had Khashoggi murdered; adding to the Donald’s stress.

The Saudi prince denies it but the evidence is strong.

Will Donald, as he did with Putin, say the facts are wrong?


Today we have the fires in California, where Trump flew.

And, once more Trump is having trouble grasping what is true.

He says it’s forest management; the experts say, “Not so.”

Will Trump ignore these experts?  That’s his pattern; we all know.


It seems that Trump can’t process evidence he doesn’t like.

He never will admit he’s wrong; both stubborn and childlike.

The problem with the truth is that, it’s true–believed or not.

Which means, eventually denials always come to naught.


We’ll see if Trump learns something on the trip he makes out there.

The experts say it’s climate change and drought but will Trump care?

He doesn’t seem influenced by what climate science shows.

For Trump does not let science interfere with what he “knows.”


To act as a consoler when you’re lacking empathy,

Is tough for any narcissist, especially Donald T.

But presidents must show up, even when it’s “enemies,”

Like Democrat or Puerto Rican suffering he must ease.