Donald at the Bat – Day 853, The Gauntlet

Day 853, The Gauntlet


The Donald flung the gauntlet down, right at the Democrats.

There’ll be no infrastructure talks; they’re all a bunch of rats.

He didn’t like what Nancy said about his cover-up.

He’s been transparent; and…look at his economic stats!


Trump’s petulance and peristalsis push “thoughts” out his butt.

So stop investigating or Trump’s anus will slam shut.

There’ll be no legislation unless we ignore his crimes.

Then once again, he’ll fertilize us with what’s in his gut.


The Donald’s bowel obstruction has been treated by two courts.

Will Donald take his medicine; will he be out of sorts?

Trump never played it straight before; we doubt he’ll do it now.

It seems his fortress walls are crumbling, from the press reports.


Trump asked for Russian help and got it; that’s what Mueller wrote.

But William Barr ignored that, to help Donald stay afloat.

And Trump obstructed justice, which Barr also has ignored.

Then Justin Amash read it all—and he jumped off the boat. (1)


A crumbling fort, a sinking ship, is Trump’s world coming down?

Has his crew started to desert, abandoning the crown?

His officers are holding fast but are they having doubts?

Will we see their stiff upper lips start turning to a frown?


The lawsuits in Trump’s business numbered in the myriads.

And now he jousts with Congress, without armor, without pads.

Pelosi, Schiff, and Nadler say they’ll still investigate.

So, here’s to Chairman Nadler;  raise your glass and cheer: “Go, Nads!”


(1)  Justin Amash, Republican, (libertarian) Congressman representing the third congressional district of Michigan.