Donald at the Bat – Day 852, Just Say No

Day 852, Just Say No


The Donald folds his arms and just says, “No!”

There are no lengths to which he will not go.

When Congress thinks it should investigate,

Then Donald says they have no right to know.


The Donald’s business style is: make them sue,

No matter what he signed or said he’d do.

Your work is done and you expect a check.

The Donald makes you sue; he won’t pay you.


Now Trump is President and acts the same.

The laws and Constitution: just a game.

He’s telling us he wants to be the King.

The President: the King: what’s in a name?


A court just ruled that Congress has the right

To bring the Donald’s finances to light.

If Trump’s in debt to Russians, we should know.

That might explain why he and Vlad are tight.


Iran is acting up, or so we’ve heard.

As usual, with the Donald, facts are blurred.

So sabers rattle.  Will troops be deployed?

John Bolton urges Trump, “Just say the word.”


So chaos reigns; that’s Donald’s normal state.

How frightening that he controls our fate.

He’s flummoxed Democrats; his base is blind.

It’s up to voters now, perhaps too late?