Donald at the Bat – Day 854, The Tantrum

Day 854, The Tantrum


The Donald threw a tantrum yesterday,

Premeditated tantrum, by the way.

If Democrats won’t let him lie and cheat,

He’ll stomp and scream and won’t come out to play.


By now we know Trump has a need to cheat,

To do whatever to avoid defeat.

The facts are what the Donald says they are.

We see this every time he types a tweet.


The Donald fantasizes how things are.

His TV show made him a minor star.

And now we have him as our President.

When he is gone, he’ll leave an ugly scar.


He’s not a king; he is our President;

But Donald wants to break all precedent.

We know he wants to be an autocrat;

From his behavior, that is evident.


The Russian, Putin is an autocrat.

The Ayatollah is a theocrat.

But Donald Trump is, much to our dismay,

The definition of “kakistocrat.”


We watched the Donald’s tantrum with dismay,

Like when a three year old can’t have his way.

Pelosi told us when she met the press,

For Donald and the nation—she would pray.