Donald at the Bat – Day 855, Stable Genius

Day 855, Stable Genius


Whom does the Donald fear the most?  “Crazy Nancy, “sleepy” Joe?

A psyche that refused to grow, the childish nicknames tell us so.

When someone criticizes him, we know Donald will attack.

Do the childish names he uses mean that he’s about to crack?


Trump had his minions tell the press: he is stable; he is calm.

Sarah Sanders, Kelly Ann, both sang to Trump a soothing psalm.

Trump says that Nancy’s “losing it.”  (Something Donald manifests?)

A “stable genius,” Trump asserts, something no one else attests.


“Projection,“ what psychiatrists call what Donald likes to do.

When you’re “losing it,” you say that someone else’s fuses blew.

Projection is Trump’s standard dodge for what is afflicting him.

Extensive therapy required: likelihood of cure is dim.


Now Nancy’s under Donald’s skin: pesky woman with a brain,

Calling names and lashing out: for Donald, it’s an old refrain.

So, who looks like they’re “losing it?”  Trump’s staff pats him on the head.

But he’s not stable; he’s not calm, never mind what they all said.


“Investigate Intelligence;” Trump told Bill Barr what to do.

Find who began the Russian hoax.  “Democrats want a redo.”

Keep the pressure on the press for their reporting of “fake news.”

Press reports, intelligence: Trump tells us they are both a ruse.


“It’s treason if you take me down,” shockingly, what Donald said.

Showing us his Russian deals fills Donald with increasing dread.

If Putin’s pulling Donald’s strings, it is treason to find out?

That is what Trump seems to think.  Well, does the truth still have some clout?