Donald at the Bat – Day 647, Here We Go Again

Day  647, Here We Go Again


First it was Democrats; now it’s the Jews.

First came the bomber; some called that a ruse.

Then came the shooter; this time people died,

Standard Jew hatred this country can’t hide.


Forces of hatred unleashed in the land:

And it’s clear that Donald lent them a hand.

If you’re “the other,” you may have to die.

Killed by the other?  That Trump will decry.


Fully a third of us think that’s OK.

White Christian values, or shame on display?

We humans are tribal; we’re all deeply flawed.

We will kill over our vision of God.


Death haunts a nation that’s riddled with hate.

Do some think hate makes America great?

Trump told the press something has to be done;

(Synagogues should have a guard with a gun.)


Pence gave a short speech and said, “Let us pray.”

If planning no action, that’s what you’ll say.

Pro gun groups do not think prayer is a threat.

They know that prayer hasn’t stopped bullets yet.


Guns are our idols; must we all bow down?

That is the message while Trump wears the crown.

This Shabbat morning, the country alarmed,

Death went to Temple and death was well-armed.