Donald at the Bat – Day 648

Day 648


When current events just rhyme too well with our history,

Can we describe disgust and grief in lines of poetry?

A man shot up a synagogue, and screamed, “All Jews must die!”

That’s just what Adolf Hitler said.  Why bring him up? Here’s why.

One victim was Rose Mellinger (survived the Holocaust.)

She lived for ninety seven years.  Then here her life was lost.

A wise man said our history does not repeat but rhymes. (1)

And we’ve all seen some instances of “anti-other” crimes.

Our pundits say, “This isn’t us; we are a better folk.”

We should be better.  But we’re not. This is us, a sad joke.

So, can we rise above ourselves?  We know what we should do.

We often cite the Bible.  Do we think its words are true?

The Bible tells us we should love our neighbor as ourselves.  (2)

Well, are such precepts just as mythical as Santa’s elves?

Our history rhymes.  Have we improved? If so, what will we do?

Do we accept that Adolf Hitler’s words were really true?


(1)  Often, perhaps erroneously attributed to Mark Twain.

(2)  Check the Biblical books of Leviticus, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.