Donald at the Bat – Day 646

Day 646


Now every day is bombs away!

When Booker, Clapper checked the post,

They found that they might have to pay;

Folks dissing Donald may be toast.


Now these two men brought up to ten

The folks the bomber hoped to scare.

Add to the list; (they were not missed,)

Both Biden, Harris, also there.


Now, an arrest!  It’s for the best.

It’s time we stop this foolishness.

Though Halloween, as we have seen,

Has fun with death and ghoulishness.


The bomber’s van, (a partisan,)

Showed that he was a right-wing nut.

It’s plastered o’er with right-wing lore;

The implication is clear-cut.


Trump charged a “hoax,” but bombs aren’t jokes;

This nut was one of Donald’s crowd.

He got incensed at Trump events.

Is Donald Trump now feeling proud?


No, he’s abused when he’s accused.

The press is just not fair to him.

And, without shame, Trump lays the blame:

The press bears all the fault.  Blame them!


The FBI has caught their guy.

He’s charged with several felonies.

What’s left to do?  Now are we through?

We think so but no guarantees.