Donald at the Bat – Day 645

Day 645

Our discourse is dismal; our mood is abysmal;

We think of “the other” and sharpen our knives.

We’ve caused global warming, fierce hurricanes storming;

It’s our very lifestyle that threatens our lives.


The president’s betting the mood he is setting

Will help him grow richer.  Who cares if he lies?

With all our back-biting and all of our fighting,,

Vlad Putin is claiming he sees our demise.


While Donald is braying, what Putin is saying,

Is he sees our influence starting to wane.

Obsession with money or laying some honey,

Is making America circle the drain.


While Donald is bumbling, our fortress is crumbling,

As Donald gets played by the true autocrats.

He wants them to like him; he wants to be like them;

He can’t stand to listen to true democrats.


A prince-ordered killing (to most of us chilling)

Had Trump counting money before he would speak.

It’s just a reporter whose life was made shorter,

Their cover-up sloppy, a faulty technique.


To run for election gives Trump an erection;

He basks in the plaudits of his multitude.

While he is besmearing, he loves his crowd cheering

And chanting to lock up opponents he’s screwed.


The truth hasn’t mattered; he loves to be flattered;

So dictators play him and they get their way.

Keep his riches growing; discount debts he’s owing

And Trump is your fast friend, at least for today.