Donald at the Bat – Day 644

Day 644


It seems as if some right wing nut has mailed out a “device”

To CNN, Obama, Clinton: three bombs.  That’s not nice.

At CNN, the address read, “John Brennan,” (Donald’s foe,)

As were the other addressees, a fact that we all know.


The bombs were caught by screeners before any could explode,

All evidence preserved intact.  That’s like the mother lode.

So, we will catch the bomber: right wing nut still our best guess.

Whom else might this (guy) implicate, should (s)he perchance confess?


These bombs all have a “signature” that tells us who made them.

And will it be somebody that the Donald will condemn?

As we know, some “fine people” march with swastikas today.

Trump’s not distressed when Nazis and white racists have their say.


A wrinkle, there may now be six: return address, the same.

It’s Congresswoman, Debbie Schultz, D, Florida, a frame.

Obama, Clinton, Holder, Waters, Soros, CNN,

Intended victims, all left wing, and Debbie fits right in.


The president condemned these acts, said we will find out who

Has made and sent out all these bombs.  That’s what he had to do.

The bomber doesn’t seem too smart but we must watch and wait

To find out if (s)he’s crazy and was this a crime of hate?


Will Donald Trump consider how much he’s to blame for this?

He has encouraged violence.   If he will remininsce,

He’s praised the body-slamming of a member of the press.

Now, what if his words lead to a dismembered, bloody mess?