Donald at the Bat – Day 643, #2

Day 643, #2

Donald Trump, the nationalist,

And, of course, the capitalist,

Thinks both will energize his base.

(Pelosi is a globalist.)


Is he a white supremacist?

Or just a rank polemicist?

His arguments are crude and base,

Revealing he’s a solipsist.


Are Democrats obstructionists?

Analysis by alienists (1)

Conclude that Donald, at his base,

Appeals to crass revisionists.


The Donald is no theorist.

Instead he is a mesmerist.

When he is stirring up his base,

He’s fodder for the satirist.


When Donald finally is dismissed,

We’re certain he’ll be sorely missed,

Not only by his rabid base,

But every single humorist.


(1)  Alienist, n, an old term for a psychiatrist, now used only when one needs a four syllable word ending in -nist.